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PAM-COMPOSITES is a unique End-to-End Finite Element (FE) simulation chain for the analysis, validation and optimization of the manufacturing process of composites structural parts.

This solution addresses a wide range of composites materials with a focus on continuous fibers. It can model carbon or glass fibers, thermoset or thermoplastic resins, dry textiles or pre-pregs. PAM-COMPOSITES allows you to define and optimize process parameters in order to minimize manufacturing defects and increase final product quality.

PAM-COMPOSITES is composed of four main applications:

These four applications communicate with each other by transferring material information (shearing, temperature, degree of cure, etc.) from one stage of the process to another.

Ultimately, manufacturing results can then be transferred to structural analysis for an “as-built” instead of “as –designed” structural analysis. Because of this progressive product/process design approach, design margins are minimized and weight reduction increased.