Stamping Process Validation for Line and Transfer Die

Line and transfer die stamping processes are the most widely used processes in the automotive industry to produce the individual car components, such as the hoods, doors, roof, bodyside and internal structural panels. As - due to lightweight initiatives - applied materials are becoming thinner, lighter and stronger, also the manufacturing challenges increase: it becomes more and more difficult to keep the springback-sensitive parts within expected tolerances, to ensure perfect cosmetic quality for aluminium outer panels, and to avoid sudden rupture in the large aluminium panels during forming.

Using the accurate ESI PAM-STAMP stamping solution for line and transfer die processes offers you the possibility to identify issues before any tool is manufactured and allows you to investigate the effectiveness of any applied countermeasure. Using ESI PAM-STAMP’s virtual try-out capabilities will drastically increase the confidence of getting the right part quality, dimensions and cosmetic appearance and as a consequence reduce the time and expenses spent during physical try-out resulting in shorter time-to-market.

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