MegaCasting: Engineering the Future of Automotive Manufacturing!

22 May 2024
Worldwide, Online, in English
17:00 CET
1 Hour
Aynur Haghighi
aynur.haghighi [at] (aynur[dot]haghighi[at]esi-group[dot]com)

Innovations and Insights Behind MegaCasting Technology


Sometimes also known as GigaCasting, HyperCasting, and Integrated Casting stands at the forefront of automotive manufacturing innovation. This game-changing technology involves the use of massive casting modules and structural parts, primarily crafted from aluminum. The aim? To counteract the persistent increase in vehicle weight, enhance fuel efficiency, and meet the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs). The potential impact is groundbreaking, as MegaCasting could revolutionize manufacturing by reducing per-unit costs, eliminating the need for welding numerous body parts, and enabling the creation of a single, comprehensive module.

Is it too good to be true? The Challenges unveiled

While the promise of MegaCasting is enticing, major challenges lie on this road to transformation. Massive startup costs and potential out-of-tolerance distortions present themselves as not easy-to-overcome hurdles. Nevertheless, leading automakers and suppliers remain undeterred, recognizing that MegaCasting isn't just about exchanging components. MegaCasting signifies a complete workflow transformation, a holistic reconfiguration of how vehicles come together.

Precision Through Virtual Prototyping: ESI’s ProCAST

In the pursuit of MegaCasting excellence, Virtual Prototyping becomes essential. Enter ESI's simulation software, ProCAST. Designed to elevate the quality of cast components, ProCAST is your key to producing sound-quality castings. Join us at this digital event where we welcome you to learn about how to efficiently build up your knowledge to manufacture the optimum quality for your MegaCasting components, with minimum lead time and attractive production cost.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights into MegaCasting: Learn about the technology shaping the future of automotive manufacturing.
  • Navigating Challenges: Understand the obstacles and solutions in the MegaCasting journey.
  • ESI's ProCAST: Explore the capabilities of virtual prototyping in precision manufacturing.

Program Overview

  • Welcome to ESI: Bridging Innovation and Expertise
  • Megacasting Trend: Transforming Modern Body Design
  • ESI ProCAST Solutions: Navigating Mega Casting Challenges
  • Customer Journey: Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Started
  • Q&A and Conclusions

...stay tuned for a more detailed program to be revealed in the coming weeks


Loïc Calba

Senior Product Manager - Casting


Vlastimil Kolda

Technical & Business Consultant at ESI Group


Dave Piesko

Sales Director, Major Accounts at ESI Group

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