DATE : May 5th - 6th 2020
PLACE : Gothenburg, SWEDEN
BOOTH : H01:16

Develop the Safest Autonomous Vehicles

Virtual Prototyping is the way to go to successfully market autonomous vehicles. Testing a wide range of safety scenarios in record time, validating the safety of vehicle systems and certifying your car without delay. Through sensor simulation, develop the best autonomous vehicles.

Key Topics

  • Make critical design decisions early in the system development cycle
  • Enable “Agile” development and continuous Verification & Validation
  • Enhance system performance by covering standard and critical environment conditions
  • Reduce development costs by limiting usage of prototypes and test campaigns
  • Integrate user experience in your design choice and improve acceptability 

Discuss autonomous driving, connected vehicles & innovative mobility concepts with our experts at Booth H01:16 and join us for our presentation "Developing the Safest Autonomous Vehicle with Physics-based Sensor Simulation in Adverse Weather Condition" on May 6 - 01:40pm.


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