Developing Electric Vehicles that Go the Distance

The future of mobility and its many trends – connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles – is posing a unique challenge for OEMs as aim to reach the best range possible to enable mass market adoption. From designing the lightest vehicle possible while including batteries, to optimizing the energy management strategy of the vehicle – there are many strategies to design the highest performing EVs.

With rigid timeframes, virtual prototypes are key to helping engineers hit their targets, innovating, while ensuring a cost-efficient design.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to test & design your vehicle virtually, efficiently allowing you to develop the best strategy for optimal range while reducing the amount of test needed.

This webinar is an exclusive view of what we will be showcasing at CES 2020 !

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In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Design and certify lightweight cars including battery packs (battery versus structure weight)
  • Reduce cabin energy consumption while keeping comfort expectation (thermal comfort/management)
  • Develop an Optimal Energy management Strategy for EV cars (at the system level)

With customer examples:

ESI Virtual Performance Solution saves us time and money. We are able to validate the performance of our innovative composite vehicle virtually before even manufacturing the first real prototype.

Gaël LAVAUD, CEO - Gazelle Tech


Caroline Borot

Caroline Borot currently serves as the Head of the Market Strategy, Product Marketing and Business Development for ESI Group's Engineering Solutions. After joining ESI Group in 2000, Caroline held several positions, from technical support management, to project management, and product manager on a variety of manufacturing and engineering products. Previously, Caroline worked in a SME software company as a technical Support and pre-sales function. Caroline is ingénieur civil des Mines with a background in Material & Mechanical engineering.

Thomas Hofmann

Thomas Hofmann is Product Marketing and Business Development Manager for Powertrain and Systems Engineering at ESI. He studied at the TU Dresden in Germany and at the University of Botswana and graduated in 2012 as Dipl.-Ing. (equivalent to a master’s degree) in Mechanical Engineering. Thomas joined ITI GmbH – now ESI ITI GmbH – in 2013 as Technical Marketing Engineer and developed the business for system simulation in segments such as energy technology, marine technology and heavy machinery in the associated task forces