Enhancing Productivity with Immersive Human-Centric Manufacturing

Aircraft designers, manufacturers, and suppliers are striving more than ever to achieve operational excellence, while meeting ever growing demand and market pressures. As design sets the stage for manufacturing and service, it is critical for engineering teams to recognize the interactions of people with their proposed products and processes to assure ease of production and maintenance.

By collaborating in "immersive design reviews", engineering teams can take into consideration the full scope of aircraft development and evaluate the human-centric process interactions. Thereby recognizing potential assembly or maintenance risks that may arise and adjust the design when needed to prevent issues from escalating during production.

As a result, engineering teams make better informed decisions early and ultimately realize significant reductions in costly late engineering change orders. More importantly, the use of virtual reality during the design review process to conduct Human-Centric Assembly and Maintenance Validations can significantly reduce risks to operator safety, improve on time delivery, deliver repeatable quality, and ultimately improve product profitability.


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