OpenFOAM v20.06 Release

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ESI Group is pleased to announce the release of OpenFOAM® (v2006), the free open source CFD software developed primarily by OpenCFD Ltd since 2004.
Watch our webinar to discover all the latest new features of OpenFOAM-v2006.

Several new features in pre/post-processing, physics, solver numerics and process control become available. Learn also about the latest developments in OpenFOAM Governance Steering and Technical Committees.

Webinar Highlights are:

  • New and improved Adjoint Optimization tools
  • OpenFOAM interface to the PETSc(link is external) linear solver library
  • Atmospheric boundary layer options
  • New Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) tools
  • Continuing overhaul of OpenFOAM user documentation