Deliver Safe, Clean & Productive Machinery

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Digital Transformation of your Product Performance Lifecycle,through the virtual prototyping of key product and process validations, accelerates product development processes. Establishing a Virtual Proving Ground, Pilot Assembly Hall, and Virtual Service Maintenance Garage to assess upcoming products requires more than a series of disconnected, discrete simulations or deterministic analyses.

This is the first webinar in a series specific to Heavy Industrial Machines and Equipment. Where we will address how the Heavy Industry can design, test, and validate upcoming products for operational comfort & Safety, validate the integration of power, control, and mechanical systems.

Ultimately enabling them to deliver safe, clean, and productive new machinery & equipment designs proven to meet the highest quality requirements and lifetime performance for the toughest usage conditions.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Identify opportunities & potential gaps as virtual prototyping replaces or augments physical testing or piloting plans 
  • Define methods to validate Operational Safety and Productivity of proposed products 
  • Address power- and drive-train challenges emerging for technologies like electrification and autonomy 
  • Evaluate worker safety during operation of proposed new products, as well as their assembly and service 
  • Find opportunities to improve product return on investment for new product development and launch