RCS predictions for electrically large complex structures



Radar Cross Section (RCS) prediction of electrically large complex structures is a technical challenge. This paper presents the study carried out to examine the applicability of PAM-CEM Solutions, the simulation package proposed by ESI Group in the field of Computational Electromagnetics, for the RCS prediction of very large and complex structures such as fully equipped aircraft. When dealing with small and medium sized structures, a FDTD solver is used to compute the RCS of the structures while a PTD solver is also available to compute the RCS of electrically large structures where explicit 3D techniques like FDTD expect huge hardware resources to compute. A large size jet aircraft (13.2 m. × 8.2 m. × 4.4 m.) has been computed (PEC Model) using the PTD solver at 10 GHz.

K. Divyabramham - ESI-Group, ESI-INDIA Sales & Tech. Branch Office, Bangalore, India

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