Modelling & Validation of Blown Powder in Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing


N. N’Dri, H.-W. Mindt, H. Duan, Y. Vincent, O. Köser, M. Megahed, Blanka Szost, Sofiane Terzi & David John Jarvis, Ludovic Kounde & Thierry Engel, Modelling & Validation of Blown Powder Additive Manufacturing Processes, Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference, 20-21 Nov. 2014, Vienna, Austria.

This paper discusses the modelling challenges related to additive manufacturing and describes a seamless coupling of length scales allowing detailed analysis of the melt pool, laser track, material deposition and resulting residual stresses. The complete process is accounted for in the models, starting from the simulation of powder particles, powder melting and solidification and calculating residual stress and distortion of the final part. The comparison of the numerical predictions with experimental measurements and observations
shows good agreement for all model scales considered.

- N. N’Dri, H.-W. Mindt, H. Duan, Y. Vincent, O. Köser & M. Megahed - ESI Group

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