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Robots Gone Wild! Learn How to Prevent a System Shutdown and Keep Your Heard of Robots, and Your Business, Operating Smoothly
There was a time when robots in the workplace seemed like distant reality but, for many industries, the future is here. With robots becoming less expensive and more efficient, more companies are adopting this new technology to better their business and customer service. But what happens when your robots become over constrained, malfunction or cause a system shutdown? Vitirover shows us how they’re predicting these issues and preventing them from happening to keep their business on track.
Digital Transformation

Optimizing Energy Consumption in Electric Vehicles
Energy demand is set to increase with the use of electric vehicles. Manufacturers need to optimize energy consumption in their vehicles to reduce the impact on energy supplies. One way is to decrease overall weight by reducing body and trim mass. Hervé Motte at ARRK - a company specializing in Prototyping, Tooling and Low Volume Production - explains how, by taking a different approach, they achieved 30% mass saving. How did they do it?

Use Virtual Reality to Beat Out the Competition
You discover from your customer, at the last minute, that major changes need to be made to your manufacturing program to match a competitor’s offer. Problem is you have neither the time nor the resources to change anything. We’ll tell you how you can immerse yourself into the cyberworld and solve these types of issues quickly and never lose out to a competitor ever again.
Automotive, Virtual Reality

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