PLM Road Map 2019

The penetration of Electric Vehicles (EV) in the automotive market depends heavily on their ability to extend range. While automotive OEMs, start-ups, and their suppliers are rivaling with ingenuity to maximize battery performance, they are also looking to optimize energy management in many ways. Current numerical solutions supporting the management of energy are limited to design. With the development of a new methodology and software application for EV designs, you can now enable real-time optimized thermal energy flow control.  Plus, ensure cabin comfort and safety in extreme weather conditions, while maximizing the optimal battery range.

Come meet ESI next November 13 & 14th in Paris to learn how to:

  • Manage Thermal Energy Flow to Optimize Safety & Comfort and to Maximize Battery Range for Different Weather Conditions & Control Parameters
  • Enable the driver to receive real-time alerts if the car foresees an issue with the completion of the planned journey with the HybridTwin™.
  • Adjust the controls related to in-car comfort, for maximum driving range and Ensure the driver and passengers are aware of degraded driving conditions that could impact their safety

Meet ESI Next November!

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Key Event Highlights

Presentation on how to “Evolve form Vitual Prototyping to HybridTwinTM : Challenges & Benefits

Dr. Ing. Fouad el Khaldi, Strategy & Innovation General Manager, ESI Group

Nov 14 - 09:55 – 10:05


Presentation on "A Model Factory for the Efficient Development of High Performing Vehicles at Renault"

Eric Landel, Expert Leader, Numerical Modeling & Simulation, Renault

Nov 14 - 09:20 - 09:55