The Institute of Power Engineering at the Dresden University of Technology Analyzes Complex Thermodynamic Interactions In Cooling Devices With SimulationX

System Modeling

SimulationX enables us to familiarize our students with application-oriented simulations of complex systems in order to prepare them for the development tasks of tomorrow.

Carsten Möhl
Bitzer Chair of Refrigeration / Cryogenics and Compressor Technology / Institute of Power Engineering, Dresden University of Technology


Challenge: Supporting research and education

During the courses at the Bitzer Chair of Refrigeration, students acquire the knowledge about the correlations
relevant to planning and safely operating refrigeration plants. This requires a comprehensive understanding of various
transient interactions.

Solution: Multiphysics system simulation

SimulationX allows for comprehensive representations of refrigeration systems. From the compressor’s mechanics to
temperature equalization processes in heat exchangers, it is possible to analyze transient behavior and influences of
systemic disturbances.

Benefits: Knowledge builds bridges

Numerical simulation provides a viable solution to gain deeper insight into processes in refrigeration plants. It also
promotes a deeper understanding of the theoretical principles. The results are then verified against data from test rigs, which helps the students to better understand the multitude of influencing factors involved.

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