As mobility is transforming, engineers have to meet the new design requirements of electric vehicles and autonomous cars. Traveling long ranges, reducing the energy consumption of the cabin – this needs to be optimized to increase the storage capacity of electric batteries.

In autonomous vehicles, the sensors and electronic devices that are introduced in the car cabin need to adapt to the new layout positions of the occupants while maintaining a low energy consumption.

  • Where should the HVAC system be integrated?
  • How can the occupant have optimal thermal comfort while making sure that the vehicle’s battery allows for driving long distances?
  • How can the design be optimized to provide a vehicle that will meet the market’s expectations?

With Virtual Prototyping, optimize the design of your vehicle interior, its energy management and the occupant's thermal comfort. Simulate the cabin, its HVAC system, the heated or ventilated seat and human models, to accurately evaluate the energy consumption and passenger comfort level, and design a vehicle that will meet your customer’s demands.

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