Once in space, the work that we embarked on the voyage initially now needs to be addressed. But the very nature of the science and discovery that we aim to achieve in space, often means that we lack practical ways to prepare for our time “on the float”, in orbit, or re-entering gravity and atmosphere; whether terrestrial or elsewhere. Predicting how on-board systems will behave in microgravity and vacuum is not practical to test physically, sending humans into orbit to “test” the comfort and safety of humans is risky, and dropping unique one-of-a-kind (or few-of-a-kind) billion-dollar assets from the sky to “see what happens” is not an option. In this track we will delve into challenges that relate to the experience of being in space or returning from space. 


  • Predict the interaction of systems’ requirements and interactions without building and testing prototypes or mock-ups 
  • Overcome cabin and cockpit design challenges to meet comfort expectations and safety requirements  
  • Assess through immersive experience the service maintenance, remanufacturing, and refurbishment activities to sustain reusable fleets of spacecraft or launch vehicles  
  • Product Performance Lifecycle predictions - that extra degree of freedom and early confidence your teams need to design, manufacture and assemble right the first time 
  • Accurately evaluate all criteria, simultaneously, and deliver precise individual and overall results - for a fraction of the time and cost compared to physical prototyping. 

WEEK ONE | FRI, SEPT 11 | 1:00 pm EDT 

Designing for comfort, accounting for systems sustainment, diagnosis while in space and returning. These challenges can be solved with simulation! 

WEEK TWO | FRI, SEPT 18 | 1:00 pm EDT 

Re-entry is a scary prospect, but having verified data relevant to water landing, airbag/parachute prep, and restraint that helps make early design decisions takes much of that worry away. 

WEEK THREE | FRI, SEPT 25 | 1:00 pm EDT 

Uncertain situations require a reliable and safe solution. A Hybrid Twin™ equip engineers with the ability to experiment virtually with real data and real physics, simultaneously. 


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