Casting simulation | Webinar

6 Avril 2023
10am CET and 12pm ET/9am PT

Stories from the industry: How ProCAST helps you achieve quality castings

DATE: APR 6th            TIME: 9am GMT + 12pm ET/9am PT             LENGTH: 1h



Are you curious about new ways to reduce scrap rate while meeting your deadlines and minimizing the costs associated with last-minute modifications? What if there was a solution that led to fewer physical trials or even getting your physical test right on the very first try? Simulation facilitates the design of tools, predicts, and quantifies defects during the development phase of new parts.

Simulation allows cast parts manufacturers to test their casting processes 100% virtually early in the process development cycle. With casting simulation, you can accurately predict and quantify defects and process design and “get it right” the first time during production trials.

After this webinar, you will walk away with the knowledge of how digital simulation supports you throughout the development and manufacturing phase of your products.


  • Accelerate the start of production by working together with customers providing part design to check for castability issues as early as possible
  • Deliver accurate quotes with precise material cost estimates to safeguard your margins
  • Predict, analyze, measure, and quantify the most common casting defects to reduce your scrap rates and expensive reworks
  • Applications: Optimize residual stress & distortion, analyze microstructure & heat treatment, use advanced porosity model, study grain structure
  • Optimize the casting process, model heat treatment, and analyze the performance of the casted part

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Casting Simulation Expert

Vlastimil Kolda

Technical & Business Consultant at ESI Group