2 Août 2021 - 31 Décembre 2021
On demand
1h webinars

In a global context of energy transition towards a low-carbon society, each stakeholder faces an arduous challenge to achieve innovation, performance and safety and all the while complying with governmental standards in to provide the best time to market.

With 45 years experience in Virtual Prototyping, ESI Group provides qualified digital solutions and high-added-value expertise to help its customers address these strategic challenges.

Watch the Energy webinar series to find out how the nuclear industry is transforming and get an exclusive view at how the engineering simulation is essential to overcome the challenges faced by this industry. 

Webinar n°1 - Optimal Manufacturing Process Qualification

Presented by Gilles Croisonnier - Innovation & Discovery Machining Manager at ESI Group


Recent digitalization developments and the ever-increasing global competitiveness have made the utilization of virtual simulation tools and the collaboration between the physical world and the virtual work a key enabler for quality assurance as well as productivity to move towards the Factory 4.0.

In addition to the ESI existing Solutions Qualified for Welding & Heat Treatment & Casting, ESI is now expanding its expertise to the Machining Process domain. This will be illustrated through real industrial applications, showing new capabilities of predicting Vibrations, Distortions and Surface Integrity due to Milling/Turning/Boring Operations  which is a main challenge for the Energy Industry Sector.


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Webinar n°2 - Efficient design review, certification and safety support

Presented by Sandrine Dischert - Domain Leader Energy at ESI Group
& Pascale Goussard - Technical Referent for Nuclear Energy at ESI France

Initially developed by Framatome to justify the maintenance of nuclear islands, ESI solutions for the energy sector have been continuously enriched over the past 20 years. Today, these solutions allow component designs to be pre-qualified in accordance with nuclear industry regulations, such as ASME, RCC-M, etc. from the design stage, through to on-going operations until dismantling. As part of this webinar, effective solutions will be presented to meet the challenges of standard regulatory analysis and justification of default.

  • Pre-qualify component designs in accordance with nuclear industry rules, such as ASME.
  • Ensure excellence thoughout the plant's lifecycle: from the design stage, to the in-operation maintenance until dismantling
  • Meet the challenges of standard regulatory analysis and the justification of fault holding


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Webinar n°3 - Virtual Reality : a Solution for Building, Maintenance or plant Dismantling

Presented by Nicolas Fromont - Presales Virtual Reality at ESI France

In collaboration with

With the development of Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality has become essential in order to address decision making challenges. It enables engineers to evaluate complex situations while improving design, enhancing engineering processes productivity and integrating human-centric interactions. Virtual Reality allows engineers and interdisciplinary teams to explore, validate and solve complex integration, assembly and service scenarios at the intersection of product function and human interactions.

As a major player in innovation, ESI offers a functional, human-centric virtual reality solution: ESI IC.IDO. Based on advanced VR technology, IC.IDO provides a true virtual prototype, based on real-time physics, simulating interaction with the real world and allowing unlimited testing.

Used by Framatome, this industrial solution will be presented and illustrated during this webinar. Framatome will present the use of IC.IDO through a use case specific to the nuclear sector.

Webinar n°4 - Transformation towards the Industry 4.0 with Hybrid TwinTM and model reduction

Presented by Henri Païs - Innovation Domain Director at ESI Group

ESI Group has developed a unique know-how in Virtual Prototyping which addresses the operational performance of the product throughout its life cycle.

The creation of a Hybrid TwinTM coupling a simulated physics-based model with a specific model built from data received in real time, makes it possible to create and pre-certify intelligent products, to predict their performance and to anticipate their maintenance needs in the transformation towards the factory of the future.


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Who should attend?

Component manufacturers in the nuclear industry

OEMs and energy suppliers

Any company concerned by the regulatory reference files

Engineering offices / certification offices



Marc Rousset

Industry Channel Director Energy

Sandrine Dischert

Domain Leader Energy


Technical Expert in the Machining Domain


Technical Referent for Nuclear Energy

Nicolas Fromont

Ingénieur support et avant-vente en réalité virtuelle (IC.IDO)

Henri PAÏS

Innovation Domain Director