3D ICP - Build and Deliver ICP Products at the Edge of Extreme Innovation

2 Septembre 2020
United States
11am PST
1 Hour

ICP reactors are the tool of choice for low gas pressure, high plasma density etching of semiconductor materials. Due to their symmetry of excitation, these devices tend to have quite uniform etch rates across the wafer. But as we all have experienced, side-to-side and azimuthal variations in these rates are part of an unavoidable problem and are often attributed to various asymmetries in pumping, reactor structure and coil properties. 

Although this can’t be eliminated entirely, we can reduce it with our multiple process parameters in a very efficient manner –intrigued?


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  • High fidelity 3D simulation (more accurate, more detail, ability to explore the design space by running different simulations, not just one) 
  • Parametric Analysis or design space exploration around plasma modeling 
  • Modeling of 3D Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Reactors irtual testing of the performance and behavior of a designs before it goes into manufacturing, for the most extreme innovation requirements 
  • Experience Design Space Exploration, Optimization and Reduced Order Model modules allowing full understanding and fine-tuning of designs