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Eric Kam

Eric Kam is the Marketing and Alliances Director for ESI Group’s Manufacturing Business Channel, supporting their Immersive Experience (VR/AR/MR/xR) Solutions and Virtual Manufacturing Suite. He is an outspoken advocate for the ongoing transformation in Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis, and Computer Aided Engineering. He has spent the bulk of the last 25 years promoting the democratization of previously “analyst-driven” technologies to bring the benefits of Virtual Engineering tools to the engineering and manufacturing practitioners themselves. 

Meet Eric at CES 2020!


  • AR, VR, MR, xR in the Manufacturing World Human Centric
  • Engineering to Integrate and Build your Next Vehicle as Planned
  • Experience, Validate and communicate on the production process across multi-disciplinary teams
  • Reduce risks and inefficiencies to achieve cost, quality and safety targets
  • Scale up the production to successfully meet customer demands in a timely and cost-efficient manner

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