ESI Forum in France 2020

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The ESI Forum in France will take place on June 18, 2020 at the Salons des Arts et Métiers in Paris.

No matter what industrial domain you come from, the technological environment you are working in is everything but simple! As a manufacturer or supplier, you are facing many challenges when working to meet your customers’ expectations in terms of quality, robustness, safety, and delivery time. Yet, with the rise of the outcome economy, where measurable results become more important than the product itself, their demands are growing further. Our vision is simple yet powerful: Zero Tests, Zero Prototypes, Zero Downtime. The benefits are palpable: faster time to market, increased product performance, and reduced costs. If you want to boost agility and push innovation without sacrificing safety and quality, we invite you to engage with us.

Save the date and join our ESI Forum in France and be part of the event. We are proud to host this innovative and thought provoking conference including some of the most keen expert speakers on these subjects.

Forum Topics

Innovating the future of E-Mobility

Todays automotive engineering and manufacturing processes are changing with new demands surrounding electric vehicle structure and certifications. We will be discussing the technology driving lightweight structural design, autonomous & connected vehicles, interior comfort & design, and virtual validation & performance 


Shaping the Next Generation of Aerospace

These new challenges don't apply to ground transportation. The aerospace industry is facing more challenges to make flight as sustainable as possible. We will be discussing how to revolutionize the assembly process with human-centric assembly validation, increase passenger comfort with interior engineering &  acoustic design, and optimize cost, time & quality for high precision part as well as component manufacturing

Develop powerful, safe & efficient energy technologies

Companies have to comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements and improving operational performance. Addressing these issues relies on ad-hoc engineering modeling methodologies that must tackle with accuracy operational and accidental events applicable to the production and transportation installations. 

The Venue: L'Hôtel des Arts & Métiers

Why you should be part of it

  • Meet experts from various industries and research bodies
  • Find out objectively about the range of applications throughout various industries
  • Discover synergies through the combination of development tools
  • Learn how you can use our solutions in your development projects and what they can achieve
  • As always, the programme is embedded in an attractive supporting programme that inspires the exchange of ideas and networking with like-minded people 

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Conference Fee

Regular Fee: 150 € (plus VAT)
ESI Customers: Free of Charge
Confirmed Speakers: Free of Charge 


Payment has to be done via bank transfer. We don't accept cash or credit card. You will receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail after your online registration. The invoice will be sent to you via e-mail after verifying your registration.

Please Note: The participation fee has to be paid before the conference takes place. 

Registration Deadline: 10 June 2020