Electric & Autonomous Mobility - Design the Safest Vehicles Virtually

LENGTH: 45min

Electric powertrains and autonomous driving have impacted all components and architectures of the new vehicles. With electric powertrains and autonomous driving, OEMs are facing a tedious challenge as they must ensure that vehicles maintain the same levels of safety, performance and cost-efficiency.

The safety of the vehicle is determined by how well the car’s structural design integrates the embedded battery ; efficiently protecting the passengers and nearby pedestrians in all scenarios. This is especially relevant for electric vehicles and their lack of motor noise.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to virtually test batteries and vehicle designs in all the regulatory scenarios and evaluate the risk of structural damages to the battery packUltimately delivering the safest and most performant EVs for passengers and pedestrians.

This webinar is an exclusive view of what we will be showcasing at CES 2020 !


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In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Engineering structure and batteries respecting regulatory tests, and pre-certifying them
  • Protect passengers with advanced airbag in autonomous car
  • Guarantee pedestrian safety with electric vehicles
  • Test the drivability in multiple scenarios such waterflow management

With Customer Examples: 

In just 8 months, we went from limited Virtual Prototyping capability to winning those bids. The head of the whole program conducting the bidding process went out of his way to tell us that the mechanical simulation was an instrumental part in helping us get the design approved. We could not have done that without ESI. Our partnership with ESI is truly strategic in bringing our simulation capabilities to a global leading standard.

Farasis Energy, Inc.


Caroline Borot

Caroline Borot currently serves as the Head of the Market Strategy, Product Marketing and Business Development for ESI Group's Engineering Solutions. After joining ESI Group in 2000, Caroline held several positions, from technical support management, to project management, and product manager on a variety of manufacturing and engineering products. Previously, Caroline worked in a SME software company as a technical Support and pre-sales function. Caroline is ingénieur civil des Mines with a background in Material & Mechanical engineering.

Alexandre DUMON

Alexandre DUMON is currently in charge of Lightweight Materials Projects for ESI Group's Virtual Performance Solution. After joining ESI Group in 2014, Alexandre was based in the Shanghai Office where he led the innovation center for light-weighting CAE projects for international automotive OEMs. Previously, Alexandre graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France and obtained a Masters of Materials Science and Engineering from the Tsinghua University in China.