ZF Enhances the Development of Torsional Vibration Dampers by Using SimulationX

System Modeling
Ground Transportation

By using SimulationX, we achieve reliable simulation models of powertrains. With these models we are able to optimize the NVH functionality of our products.



Michael Triebel
Head of Calculation/Simulation / Powertrain Modules, ZF Friedrichshafen AG



Simulating Powertrains

In order to analyze and optimize powertrains of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, ZF was looking for a CAE tool that could build both simple and complex powertrain models quickly. Simulating load alterations and engine
starts as well as integrating functions of the engine control unit were part of the overall task.


SimulationX Professional Edition

SimulationX permits modeling of multiphysics powertrains in a short time. The type designer compiles a library for
different powertrain modules, e.g. dual mass flywheels, torque converters and electric drives. The variant wizard is used for automated analyses and the evaluation of parameter changes.


Avoiding “Trial and Error”

By using SimulationX for a target-oriented optimization of powertrain modules, engineers can optimize torsional dampers already during the concept phase, thus saving time and costs even before building a prototype. By simulating dynamic behavior, both function and life time of powertrain modules can be tested on a virtual basis.

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