The Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) Uses SimulationX for Researching Smart Energy Management

System Modeling
Ground Transportation

SimulationX is an excellent solution to integrate both automotive and building simulations for smart energy management on one single platform.

Dr. Tobias Rodemann
Honda Research Institute Europe


Higher energy efficiency of buildings and mobility

The increasing share of renewable energies and the rise of electric mobility promise large strides towards a carbon-free society. At the same time the highly volatile nature of renewable energy sources like wind and photovoltaics on
the one hand and high costs of batteries in electric vehicles pose technical and economic challenges. Being able to model energy production and consumption in buildings and vehicles jointly is an important step to overcoming these issues.


Green City package for smart energy management

The package developed in collaboration with the Dresden University of Technology and EA Systems brings all aspects of buildings, grids, and automotive technology together. With models of heating systems, electric cars, weather data and user profiles, it computes consumption, costs and emissions through detailed simulations.


Advanced optimization environments

Based on the Modelica language, models can be easily extended or created from scratch. C-code export and a variety of interfaces already well-established in the automotive industry ensure a seamless integration into existing development environments, e.g. for Evolutionary Optimization.

About Honda Reasearch Institute EU

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Innovation through Science is part of the HRI philosophy. It keeps us focused on our role in Honda and in the society at large.

In 2003, when the Honda Research Institutes were founded in Japan, in the United States and in Europe, our central focus was research into Computational Intelligence, Optimization and Robotics. More than a decade later Artificial Intelligence is seen as the next big tech thing. We couldn’t agree more.

Intelligent systems will shape our future in many ways, ranging from autonomous and accident-free driving to personal robots and from smart design and manufacturing to the efficient use of resources. We envision intelligent systems to work among us, for us and with us. This is why we call it Cooperative Intelligence.

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