Superform USA relies on PAM-STAMP 2G to iteratively design complex tools and prove feasibility virtually

Sheet Metal Forming
Aerospace & Defense
PAM-STAMP 2G has transformed the speed with which we can develop thickness predictions and forming cycles. While we deploy our intuition, experience and creativity to design the tools, PAM-STAMP 2G lets us test the feasibility of our ideas without cutting metal.
A.J. Barnes, Technical Vice President of Superform USA


Superplastic forming (SPF) is a non conventional sheet metal forming method that involves shaping sheets of superplastic material into complex shapes at elevated temperature and controlled pressure. Typical elongations exceed several hundred percent and the process offers excellent parts integration and elegant ‘one piece’ solutions compared with other processes. At Superform, PAMSTAMP 2G is used extensively during the tool design stage to fine tune and ‘virtually’ test the tool design in order to get it right the first time.


PAM-STAMP 2G and custom SPF modules enabled Superform to offer a highly competitive one-piece alternative to a 23-piece welded Airstair.


"The unique ability to ‘see inside the press’ by modeling the forming process enabled a solution to this problem to be virtually tested before committing to hardware changes... Modeling, when executed correctly, can capture subtle details occurring during forming and can be used to solve problems requiring equally subtle solutions.”