Speeding Past the Competition: Epcor produces quality parts faster than their competitor with ESI QuikCAST casting simulation solution

Ground Transportation
We tried QuikCAST on a few trial parts and found that it was able to accurately simulate our molding results. It provides a more effective approach than what we were doing before because it makes it possible to look into / at the casting process one step at a time.
Mike Maratta, Plant Manager - Epcor Foundries


After winning business away from a competitor, Epcor needed to produce complex exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves for an automotive parts manufacturer. Most modern engines use this emissions reduction technique to meet automotive emission standards and the valves must be manufactured to high standards. The challenge for Epcor was to produce these parts quickly and without flaw.


Cincinnati-based Epcor Foundries was able to win business away from its competitor who failed to produce quality exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves for their automotive parts manufacturer in the required time. Although they were happy to gain the business, Epcor knew it would be a challenge to get this intricate part into production quickly while avoiding typical casting manufacturing problems, like shrinkage and porosity. Read full story.


Using ESI QuikCAST virtual casting solution, Epcor was able to evaluate alternative mold designs at a fraction of the standard development time and cost to deliver higher quality parts to their customer, and be faster than the competition. They successfully achieved a 98% first time throughput for the initial parts