QuikCAST, the key foundry simulation solution for the accurate prediction of microshrinkage risks in spheroidal cast iron at Azterlan research center

Heavy Industry & Machinery
With spheroidal iron casting, we had to accurately define parameters such as the enthalpy curve of the metal, the interdendritic feeding fraction and the critical solid fraction. Using QuikCAST to simulate the casting of a brake calliper, we were able to correct and improve the metallurgical quality of the manufactured parts without changing the mold design.
Ramon Suarez, Director of Foundry Department Azterlan


Meeting foundry industrial needs which aim at reducing and improving part quality, QuikCAST was used to predict problems of microshrinkage on a brake calliper, made of sg iron based on GGG-50-7 quality. The objective is to correct and improve metallurgical quality without changing the part geometry.


Deliver realistic predictions at each step of the casting process Optimize the filling and solidification phases Minimize thickness and weight of the part Improve metallurgical quality