No Ordinary Car Seat: Lear Corporation creates an optimal seating experience using ESI Virtual Seat Solution during the conception phase

Virtual Seat
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Lear Corporation
ESI Virtual Seat Solution was used to determine the exact position of an occupant settling into the seat. We also used the software to simulate the inflation of the bladders and to determine how the bladders could change the posture of the seated occupant. This information allowed us to place the multi-contour bladder positions appropriately in the seat. Thanks to ESI Virtual Seat Solution we have been able to model the seat behaviour and how it impacts the occupant’s position.
Missy A. Pereny, Seat Comfort Manager Lear Corporation


Lear wanted to design an innovative seat concept that would maximize comfort and reduce muscular fatigue, while improving the posture of the occupant. The optimization of such new concept, including an innovative air bladders system used to promote good posture for each occupant morphology, required an entirely new development method.


Lear Corporation, a Fortune 200 company, is a leading supplier of automotive seating and electrical, serving customers all across the globe. As one of the world’s only fully integrated manufacturers of the entire seat, Lear has a proven track record in delivering quality seating systems to the auto industry. To stay at the forefront of technological innovation, they decided to use a new method - virtual seat prototyping - for their newest concept, the ProActive™ Posture Seating System. Read full article


The use of ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution early in the seat development process allowed for virtual seat testing and optimization of several air bladder configurations. By using ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution, Lear was able to accurately predict the occupant’s posture before and after the air bladders were inflated.