Mazda Adopts ESI CEM One Exclusively to Yield the Most Innovative Products

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Compared to before, the amount of time and the number of processes has been drastically reduced using the latest version of ESI CEM One. Thanks to that, we can spend the extra time leading up to deadline on more creative ‘trial and error’, instead of trivial things like data conversion. We can fulfill our duty and pursue the best product we are capable of producing to our heart’s content.
During the trial period, it also reconfirmed that the ESI Group technical support is excellent
Mr.Yasushi Hamada - Staff Manager of Integrated Control System Development Div. Mazda Motor Corporation


As automotive electronics continue to increase, Mazda’s Integrated Control System Development Div. must keep up with the increased workload, while meeting deadlines and without compromising a state-of-the-art strategy that features coupled simulation techniques.


Mazda Integrated Control System Development Div., a department within Mazda Motor Corporation, conducts research and development of in-vehicle electronics and its relationship to other related automotive equipment. Electronic equipment includes keyless entry, side collision prevention devices (automotive radar), and the Mazda Connect system (a next-generation car connectivity system that enables users to safely enjoy the convenience of a smartphone when in their car). As technology continues to evolve towards ‘connected cars’, the number of automotive electronic devices has greatly increased, and will continue to increase, making the internal electromagnetic environment control even more challenging. Read full article.


By integrating the latest version of ESI CEM One – which couples Method of Moments (MoM) with the Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method - into their workflow, Mazda was able to decrease time spent on low-value tasks. Now, engineers can focus on producing the absolute best, most innovative products possible.