Hwaseung R&A Improves Product Reliability with ESI Visual-Environment

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HWASEUNG R&A Corporation

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It becomes possible to analyze the contribution of steel insert design changes using a trunk seal assembly process simulation. ESI Visual-Environment is now used as a basic tool for deciding design parameters at the initial stage and also for solving problematic issues in production
Chan-Soo Lee, Deputy Manager HWASEUNG R&A Corporation


Hwaseung R&A needed a solution to correct a trunk seal, which deformed after assembly on the vehicle’s body. As a solution, they considered injection of the seals onto complex three-dimensional surfaces of the car’s body structure along trunk edge lines. This was a challenging exercise so they needed some assistance.


Hwaseung R&A needed a permanent fix for their trunk seals, which became deformed or distorted at the corners after assembly. The trunk seal’s function is to absorb trunk vibrations and to close the gap between the vehicle body and trunk assembly. When the seal has an irregular shape, its non-uniform pressure distribution on trunk panels causes issues such as increased noise, water leakage and even failure of trunk panels.


With ESI Visual-Environment, Hwaseung R&A engineers could virtually simulate assembly of the trunk seal and evaluate its performance without real prototypes. The software allowed them to generate their input data completely automatically using only design parameters and geometric information.