Honda Motor Reduces Trial and Development Time Thanks to the Accuracy of Water Impact Simulation Testing

Virtual Performance
Ground Transportation


As Honda continues expanding into places outside of Japan, they face the challenge of evaluating different driving conditions in those areas, including those associated with bad roads and rain. To improve their vehicles’ performance in these conditions, they needed to analyze the effect of things like potholes, ditches and water puddles. Traditionally they conducted their research on physical prototypes but the cost and time for that approach has become prohibitive.


Japan was the target market when Honda Motor Co., Ltd. was established back in 1948. Consequently, their cars were built for the road conditions and climate of that country. As they continued their expansion into new markets, including North America, Europe and China, in the 1980s, it was imperative for them to ensure that vehicle attributes such as strength and durability were optimized for the new environments and road conditions.


Because testing on physical prototypes wasn’t an option for this specific research, they turned to Virtual Prototyping and Testing. Honda conducted their studies using ESI Virtual Performance Solution (VPS) and were thereby able to run unlimited tests that yielded important results on strength, durability, deformation and fluid flow and intrusion. As an added benefit the team responsible received a business award within Honda R&D Tochigi; one that recognized their achievements using ESI VPS for water impact simulation.