Gestamp successfully brings to market a weight-optimized B-pillar stamped from tailored blank using PAM-STAMP 2G

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Gestamp Automocion
We achieved very good results thanks to the accuracy of the simulation using PAM-STAMP 2G. We were able to use the springback prediction tool to evaluate the die compensation, despite the complexity of such a case with three different thicknesses and two weld lines.
Eduardo Sulato, Engenharia da Matriceria, Gestamp Automoción S.L.
Fábio Lichtenthäler, Engenharia da Matriceria, Gestamp Automoción S.L.


Tailored blanks offer a good possibility to optimize the weight and strength of automotive parts. In the present case, a B-pillar had to be manufactured with 3 different material thicknesses, welded together with 2 weld lines. The forming behavior and springback of tailored blanks are quite different from normal stamped parts. This needed to be considered, along with the compensation for the die. The challenge was to manufacture the part right the first time within given tolerances and with good surface quality.


Complete virtual modeling of a complex manufacturing process High precision on the first formed hysical parts and tolerances met Movements of the weld lines ccurately anticipated in tool design Valuable local support from ESI Brazil throughout the project