For Nissin Kogyo, ESI ProCAST is an Indispensable Tool for Assuring Production Quality

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“Before the introduction of ESI ProCAST, the percentage of defects was relatively high, leading to a smaller yield. It was impossible to accept this with an increase in production and the diversification of products. We were able to reduce the percentage of defects to a very large extent thanks to a high accuracy simulation tool like ProCAST.”
Mr. Katsuhiko Ashida Chief Engineer, Development Operations Nissin Kogyo Co. Ltd


To reduce vehicle weight, aluminum has replaced heavier metals previously used to manufacture brakes. Designs are constantly evolving yet the strength, performance and durability are expected to improve. Nissin Kogyo needed to meet the complex specifications set by OEMs, find a way to manufacture a wide variety of products, and produce high quality castings without any delay in production.


Nissin Kogyo Co. Ltd., established in 1953, develops, manufactures, and sells brake equipment for two- and four-wheeled. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation are among their largest customers. One of their main challenges is meeting crucial demands of such OEMs, including reducing the weight by using lightweight aluminum as an alternative without sacrificing performance and durability. Read full story here.


With ESI ProCAST, Nissin Kogyo could successfully cast complex shapes after upfront filling & solidification analysis using precise finite element technology. All possible defects were predicted with the highest accuracy. By introducing ESI ProCAST on a fullscale basis, Nissin Kogyo reduced their development time and trial production, allowing them to reach the market faster.