Faurecia uses polyurethane foaming process simulation to develop top class automotive instrument panels

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We use ProCAST and its dedicated environment Visual-CAST to simulate the foaming process for instrument panels intended to middle/high range cars. It brings a real competitive advantage: we can guarantee our OEM customers a better product in shorter time while fulfilling their requirements.
Jean-Jacques Pesce, CAE Innovation Manager, Interior Systems, Faurecia


Faurecia, fifth automotive equipment supplier in the world, strives to provide always better quality products to its customers. Faurecia wants to add foaming simulation to its simulation capability in order to reduce its development process time and cost for middle/high range cars.


Validate earlier the foaming process feasibility during bidding and pre-design phases Assess the manufacturability risks (e.g. incomplete part) before the tools are built Optimize the mold design and identify the optimum injection point and vent location Avoid time and cost consuming trial and error approach