EUROS uses simulation to develop a VARI process for an 80 meter long composite rotor blade

Energy & Power
Thanks to PAM-RTM, we can develop several infusion strategies in a short time for the manufacturing of different types of onshore and offshore wind turbine rotor blades.
Dipl. Ing. Mathias Marois, Head of Production Technology Department, EUROS Germany.


EUROS needed to develop the process strategy for an 80-meter long wind turbine rotor blade made using Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion (VARI). Normally this would require several very costly infusion trials, as the cost of trials and process development time quickly rise with increasing blade length and design complexity. In order to support their physical tests EUROS engineers relied on PAM-RTM, with which they were able to determine the best strategy to minimize risks while optimizing product quality, reducing manufacturing time and assuring process repeatability.


The introduction of PAM-RTM in the process development helped: Reduce the cost of trials by saving time and material costs; Accelerate the development process; Provide more flexibility for design changes during the development; Enable the development and production of blades meeting particular end.