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Empowering foundries to achieve “rightweight” parts while reducing material costs for sand cast parts

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Ironcastings SPA is an Italian foundry specialized in the manufacturing of casting parts made of grey iron, ductile iron and austempered ductile iron (ADI). Alberto Albertini, their Technical & Plant Manager, explains how using ProCAST for sand casting simulation has helped his company solve metallurgical problems, including porosities, deformations, and residual stress. Engineers at Ironcastings were able to enhance their foundry’s competitiveness by reducing development time and cost, while constantly improving product quality. Plus, they could optimize their casting process to better fit with customer requirements. This is how ProCAST casting simulation facilitates the “Yes, we can” mentally at Ironcastings. You can access the detailed case study, detailing the methodology his team used, the correlation between simulation results and experimental data, and estimated financial savings for his company.

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