Combating Springback with Virtual Prototyping Makes Cutting-Edge Materials Possible for Kirchhoff Polska

Sheet Metal Forming
Ground Transportation
“The PAM-STAMP software has allowed us to reduce the time of reducing the springing effect several times compared to the current trial and error method. The compensation process determines the relaxed surface of the tool, which minimizes the costs associated with additional structural changes and additional machining”
Paweł Bałon, Ph.D Senior Tooling Designer & Simulation Engineer Kirchhoff Polska


New, lighter materials not only bring great advances and better products, but also new problematics. For Kirchhoff Polska, the use of ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) for their parts created a springback issue that caused them to rethink how they designed and validated their die design and forming process.


In the ever-changing automotive world, the one thing that never seems to change is the pressure suppliers and OEM’s are under to build lighter vehicles in shorter timeframes. Responding to the need to reduce weight, the automotive industry is making increasing use of ultra-high strength steels (UHSS). These offer a lightweight option to traditional steels and can thereby contribute to reduced CO2 emissions. Read full story


Paweł Bałon, a Kirchhoff Polska Senior Tooling Designer & Simulation Engineer, states: “The most important thing to us is accuracy of simulation”. With the use of simulation software, specifically ESI PAMSTAMP, that is exactly what they got. Dies and forming processes could be designed right the first time and in a shorter time than ever before.