Catching Design Issues Early with VR Nexteer Automotive Leverages Virtual Reality for Their Assembly Equipment Design Reviews

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Working in an immersive virtual reality environment, thanks to ESI IC.IDO, enhances our understanding of complex manufacturing equipment and exposes potential issues, which can be corrected while still in the design stage.
Brad Price Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Nexteer Automotive


Before adding virtual reality to their design review process, Nexteer was conducting equipment design reviews using 3D models on a 2D screen and relying on basic physical mockups. The extent of the review was limited to the viewing and commenting of the model, but there was no real interaction with the model to get a feel of how things would be experienced in a real-world setting.


In general, there is really no substitute for the real thing – or is there? Nexteer Automotive, a global leader in intuitive motion control, used to work according to the precept, “You need to build it to experience it”, and this method served them well for many years. That was until they realized that performing equipment design reviews using mockups or waiting for construction to physically evaluate their designs meant considerable risk of delays and unplanned cost. Nexteer developed a way to enhance their designs and perform reviews in an immersive virtual environment, enabling them to tryout manufacturing assembly equipment and pinpoint design issues before constructing anything. Read full story


With the help of virtual reality, Nexteer’s Manufacturing Engineers now perform an actual 1:1 walkaround, giving them the ability to evaluate their design as they would when built – noticing errors before they occur.