Bombardier uses VA One, vibro-acoustics simulation software, to simulate structure-borne noise transmission in trains

Ground Transportation
Hybrid FE-SEA analysis is a real leap forward when it comes to acoustical modeling technologies and is likely to set the standard for industrial computational acoustics of large structures for the future. The innovative integration of FE and SEA methods within one model allows the user to solve problems that cannot be addressed by applying SEA or FE methods separately.
Ulf Orrenius, Senior Specialist: Acoustics and Vibration, Bombardier Transportation


To simulate and rank the dominant noise and vibration transmission paths in a large double-decker train structure. To accurately predict the transmission of noise and vibration across a com- plex floating floor structure.


Simplification of vibro-acoustic model setup by reducing data management between multiple software. One unique solution for vibro-acoustic simulation across a wide frequency spectrum