Audi saves cost and development time using virtual airbag prototyping

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Audi & Sim-Folder

Four or five years ago, I had high discrepancies between physical testing and my simulation results. Nowadays, I am in a very good range: I can do specific simulations in order to validate my models and then really make decisions on how to design the airbags. ESI’s Sim- Folder helps Audi design accurate airbag folding pattern in good timing.
Dr. Erich Blümcke, Vehicle Safety Simulation Engineer, AUDI AG


Audi, a premium luxury German car manufacturer, develops and sells innovative vehicles worldwide. Audi uses Sim-Folder, ESI’s airbag folding tool, to run the Out of Position (OoP) simulation, in the scope of the FMVSS* 208 safety regulation, a legal requirement in North America.


Reduce airbag development cost and time by decreasing the number of physical tests performed Optimize the development process by improving procedure and interactions between departments Shorten airbag model construction time Improve airbag model quality and robustness