VA One 2009 Noise and Vibration Analysis Software Selected Editor’s Pick of the Week by Desktop Engineering

10 March 2010
Paris, France
Latest version of vibro-acoustic analysis software application selected by Editor at Large.

DUBLIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA — Desktop Engineering ( today announced that the 2009 version of the vibro-acoustic analysis solution VA One 2009 from ESI Group (Paris France) was selected as its Editor’s Pick of the Week for March 10, 2010.

“VA One has been a part of many of the world's leading companies design processes for the past 20 years,” says Anthony J. Lockwood, editor at large for Desktop Engineering. “VA One combines finite elements, boundary elements, and statistical energy analysis in a single model. And you can use it whenever during your design stages, so it minimizes physical prototypes, last-hour design corrections, and a ton of best-guess work. With VA One you can set up your NVH model in a few hours and have your results in minutes if not sooner.”

“VA One integrates with your existing CAE tools and adds the vibro-acoustics functionality these tools don't have,” adds Lockwood. “It enables you to leverage in a desktop application the high-level noise and vibration analysis methods that used to be the magic wands held by pricey consultants and high-end analysts. VA One can help you engineer products that comply with government-mandated noise regulations.”

"The people at the ESI Group know their physics,” concludes Lockwood. “VA One 2009 is something you needed to hear about.”

To read the full Editor’s Pick of the Week, go to “ESI Announces VA One 2009.”

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