Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed between ESI Group & Chinasoft International to foster smart manufacturing adoption in China

13 June 2018
Paris, France
Democratization of smart factory through virtual prototyping on Cloud

Paris, France – June 12, 2018 – ESI Group, leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services for manufacturing industries, and Chinasoft International, the largest software and information technology service provider in China, formalized a strategic cooperation agreement to upgrade the manufacturing capabilities of the Chinese manufacturing industry in accordance with the ambitions expressed in “Made in China 2025”.

The Industry 4.0 revolution brings the Chinese manufacturing industry to a new paradigm. As the largest manufacturer in the world, this shift for China is strategic and will require large investments and changes. The adoption of new technologies to foster and secure the competitiveness of industries and solutions that enhance and control the performance of products in service is a necessity. Sharing and providing access to these technologies across all industries is strategic for the country.

From engineering to manufacturing and maintenance, ESI Virtual Prototyping solutions are a key component of the Industry 4.0 transformation with the Product Performance Lifecycle™ approach allowing the management and control of the performance of the product in service and in its operating environment. As the key provider of cloud computing, big data analytics and internet platforms in China, Chinasoft International is ready to make full use of its products and services to democratize this revolution.

Bob Ma, SVP of Chinasoft International states: “The signature of this strategic cooperation is a crucial step for Chinasoft towards its goal of becoming a major player in the national construction of ‘Made in China 2025’. We are deeply convinced of the bright future of our cooperation given our complementary strengths and the extraordinary opportunities in the market.”

Christopher St John, COO of ESI Group comments: “We are excited to sign this agreement and work together to influence and create the future of manufacturing in China based on a common vision and sense of urgency. ESI solutions, based on an exceptional knowledge of the 'physics of materials', enables the creation, fabrication and the maintenance of the product "right first time", reducing or eliminating physical prototypes. Democratization of those solutions through Chinasoft’s strong integration capabilities in smart manufacturing will greatly benefit China, the world’s leading manufacturing country.”

Together, ESI Group and Chinasoft will work to transform the Chinese manufacturing industries. The strategic cooperation agreement signed includes multiple cooperation plans. 

Facing the opportunities brought by “Made in China 2025” and “Internet Plus Advanced Manufacturing Industry” programs, Chinasoft International will support the major Chinese government deployment efforts by integrating and delivering Virtual Prototyping solutions on its “JointForce” ITS cloud platform as well as the “Honeycomb” intelligent industrial internet platform. It will accelerate the popularization of disruptive ESI solutions and especially those dedicated to virtual manufacturing.

ESI Group and Chinasoft will collaborate to create in China a new ecosystem of industry and research institutes for smart manufacturing to promote Hybrid TwinTM and Virtual Manufacturing solutions to foster innovation.

About Chinasoft International

Chinasoft International Limited (CSI, HKSE: 00354), founded in 2000, is an industry leader in globalized software and information technology services with branches in 28 cities across China and 18 cities around the world. CSI draws upon its complete ecology of industrial resources and provides multi-field technological services such as cloud computing, big data and etc. to help clients tackle challenges and accomplish digital transformation. The main business of CSI includes consulting, solutions and technological services targeting major clients and industries; online and offline operation of internet software crowdsourcing services centered on the self-owned ITS cloud platform “JointForce”; IT education and training system composed of ETC, the offline training center, EEC, the experience center and Zker, the online study community.

For almost 2 decades, CSI has served the Fortune 500 enterprises as well as the large and medium-sized companies, covering telecommunication, government, manufacturing, finance, public service, energy and many other industries. In 2017, CSI achieved RMB10 billion in both market value and serving capacity with number of employees surpassing 50 thousand.