ESI sponsors the ‘Composites Simulation Conference’ taking place during the JEC Paris 2010

6 April 2010
Paris, France
The technical conference will cover the optimization of the design and manufacturing simulation processes

ESI is the main sponsor for the parallel conference at JEC 2010, the Composites Simulation Conference, taking place on April 14 in Paris, France. The JEC Composites Show, to be held on April 13 to 15, is the biggest composites exhibition in the world with over 1,000 exhibiting companies and 27,700 visitors and delegates. ESI has actively participated in this event for the past nine years.


The Composites Simulation Conference will be moderated by Dr. Patrick De Luca, Composites Solution Manager at ESI Group and will address how to optimize design and manufacturing processes using simulation. The program of the Composites Simulation Conference includes presentations and case studies from several actors in the field of composites as well as ESI partners from around the world:

1. "Managing the complexity of composite aircraft assemblies and their huge volumes of highly interdependent design data" by Steve Peck, Director, Product & Market Strategy, Vistagy Aerostructures – demonstrating the specific challenges associated with designing a resin transfer infused wing skin using NCF materials and an automated material deposition process; as well as with the design of substructure components, such as t-stringers, and managing the assembly interfaces to support an automated fastening process.

2. "The benefits of simulation in composite parts development" by David Prono, Composites Domain Expert, ESI Group – examining composite materials testing through simulation to decrease time and cost of material characterization and allow easy investigation of new material applications.

3. "Cure induced shape distortions in a composite c-spar: 2 FE-analysis methods" by Magnus Svanberg, Senior Researcher, Swerea SICOMP AB – describing a very fast and accurate method based on standard FE-functionality and another involving modeling and simulation of the cure processes where material properties and residual stresses evolve during cure.

4. "Advances in RTM technology" by Professor Yi Xiaosu, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (BIAM) – presenting methodologies on how to toughen structural composite materials with an emphasis on the EX-situ technology applied to RTMable Composites.

The last two presentations will address optimized approaches for RTM Simulation:

5. "A key parameter for injection simulation: permeability" by Jérôme Raynal, Project Manager, Technical Marketing, PPE – looking first at technical parameters to consider for an optimized approach to RTM simulation. The paper will then study the permeability to select the right strategy and find out how the simulation is used to secure the process.

6. "Advanced process simulation of RTM and application to fan blades for an aircraft engine" by Professor Edu Ruiz, Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Poytechnique de Montréal – describing fiber volume content and fiber orientations, full thermal characterization and a solution for optimizing the fabrication process.

JEC 2010 delegates will also learn more about ESI’s Composites Simulation Suite by visiting ESI’s booth M65 in the ‘software village’ exhibition area.

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