ESI is awarded the "Innovation" trophy by Ernst & Young and Syntec Numérique

15 September 2011
Paris, France
for „Top 250 French software creators‟

ESI Group, pioneer and world- leading solution provider in virtual prototyping for manufacturing industries, has been granted the “Innovation” trophy during the first presentation of the „Top 250 software creators in France‟ by Ernst & Young and Syntec Numérique, the French Professional Chamber for Digital Trades.

This first ranking and the four associated trophies aim to raise awareness about the fast evolving French software industry, as well as attracting the attention of political and economical decision makers. A Chamber counting over 1100 member companies, including 550 software editors, Syntec Numérique has mustered its best expertise in order to publish a ranking that could provide the most objective vision of the current French software market.

An independent jury presided over by Jean-Bernard Schmidt, founder of Sofinnova, and constituted of senior executives from DailyMotion, Epita Facebook, HP France, IT-Translation and Ubisoft, selected and assigned awards to the four best performing companies for the specific categories of: Innovation, International Development, Social Gaming and ‘Next Generation’ business models. An award ceremony organized by Syntec and Ernst & Young was held on September 6, at the Paris Chamber of Commerce, under the high patronage of Mme Valérie Pécresse, Minister of Budget, Public Accounts and State Reform. Among these laureates, ESI Group was awarded the prestigious “Innovation” trophy.

Alain de Rouvray, Chairman and CEO of ESI Group, received the trophy at the ceremony, and declared "It is an honor for ESI to be awarded the Innovation trophy from this first edition of the ‘Top 250 software creators in France’. ESI does hold innovation at its heart for it is what drives and inspires our product development. Our motivation is to discover new simple and original ways to use computing and technological most recent advances to generate operational and competitive value for our industrial customers, while emphasizing the social utility."

ESI has recorded its first international success in the 80s with the creation of PAM CRASH, the pioneer software for the car Crash Test Simulation, now in worldwide usage and admittedly an essential contributor to the improvement of automobile passenger safety. Throughout the years, ESI has actively worked towards the development of the numerical simulation market by promoting all types of virtual tests and try-outs across various industries, including Ground Transportation, Aeronautics, Energy or Electronics.

ESI’s innovative business approach is a necessity to support its customers’ own innovations. The fast growing virtual prototyping sector is revolutionizing product engineering processes across manufacturing industries, enabling iterations from the earliest stages of the product development process, and helping shorten time to market at reduced costs.

Recently, ESI has launched the first “End-to-End Virtual Prototyping” solutions, enabling step-by-step optimization of product performance and manufacturing processes through to the pre-certification stage, for innovative and complex industrial outputs (airbags, seats, space frames, microprocessors, composite material structures, etc). Under high demand by the major industries, and spurred by the acceleration and availability of high performance computing, these Virtual Engineering and Virtual Reality techniques are bound to undergo considerable growth over the next few years.

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