Combined Augmented and Virtual Realities Bridge the Gaps Between Manufacturing, Training and Maintenance Operations thanks to DIOTA and ESI Group

10 July 2018
Paris, France

Paris, France – July 10th, 2018 – DIOTA, leading software provider of Industry 4.0 solutions integrating Augmented Reality and automated control, and ESI Group, leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services for manufacturing industries, formalize their partnership to develop solutions bringing previously disparate engineering, manufacturing and maintenance processes into integrated end-to-end workflows.

Facing Industry 4.0 challenges, manufacturers need to transform their processes and tools to enhance their efficiency; increasing their productivity while helping their operators to find their place in brand-new lines or plants. New technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality are already used but typically at different stages of product lifecycle; the first mostly in the product and process engineering phases, and the second mainly in manufacturing and maintenance operations.

ESI IC.IDO help engineering, service & manufacturing managers address challenges related to shorter product lifecycles, globalization and new technology trends. The solution fosters risk management of Product & Production Targets achievement, through context-rich virtual validation of human centric product integration and service & production processes. ESI IC.IDO facilitates early identification of issues and opportunities for improvement, while reducing the need for physical trials & expert opinions.

DiotaPlayer is a solution that brings engineering data onto the shop floor to guide operators through assembly, quality control, maintenance, and training tasks, via various devices (projection, tablets, head-mounted displays, desktop/mobile workstations…).

ESI and DIOTA have decided to break silos and to develop solutions to bring a stronger joint value proposition to their industrial customers. In this partnership, they will deliver integrated, end-to-end workflows for the efficient generation of industrial grade, digital-assisted guidance.

“Thanks to our partnership with DIOTA, we’ll be able to bring more value to our customers with both VR & AR. These two technologies used together will transform products’ Engineering, Manufacturing and Maintenance with an efficient and optimized user-centric approach.” comments Peter Larsson, Director Solution Management, ESI.

Used jointly, the solutions will reduce the time and effort required to validate and perform assembly and service procedures, limit human errors and optimize the need for creation and deployment of traditional documentation & training material.

“Taking direct outputs from an assembly/service validation tool like ESI IC.IDO assures that already tried out, valid and optimized procedures are brought to shop floor operators via the DiotaPlayer platform. We thus ensure efficient digital continuity.” adds Thomas Perpère, Director of Strategic Partnerships, DIOTA

Through the delivery of such workflows, the combination of ESI and DIOTA’s solutions will provide tangible, measurable, disruptive value by minimizing design risk, decreasing human error, accelerating ramp-up times, and significantly reducing costs.


Acteur reconnu de l'Industrie 4.0, Diota conçoit et développe des solutions digitales disruptives. Intégrant des technologies de pointe telles que la Réalité Augmentée, dont la société est le leader européen, et le contrôle automatique, ces solutions créent une continuité numérique entre les systèmes d'informations industriels et le terrain opérationnel permettant d'optimiser les performances à travers le cycle de vie produit.

Consolidées par un écosystème de partenaires de premier rang et une forte expertise des déploiements industriels, ces solutions font de l'éditeur un partenaire incontournable de la digitalisation et de l'optimisation des processus en France et en Europe, auprès de grands industriels notamment de l’aéronautique, du naval, du ferroviaire, de l’automobile, de l’énergie et de la pétrochimie.

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