24 April 2021
11:00 AM (IST)

Virtual manufacturing of Composite and Plastic components in Aero and Automotive application is the next big thing as there is increased dependency for light weight composite component with structural durability in both Aero and Auto sectors.  Auto and Aero makers strive to reach their goals without sacrificing strength, stiffness, or performance of the manufactured components. The objective is to thrive OE’s and Suppliers towards light weighting technology thereby making use of composites and plastics helping them to maintain the cost effectiveness along with the compatibility for mass production. Virtual manufacturing plays a pivotal role to understand pain points , manufacturability and design changes if required through simulation thereby reducing the scrap rate and labor time.

Key Topics:

1. What ESI PAM- Composite has to offer

  • Thermoforming application
  • RTM Application
  • Curing and Distortion Analysis
  • Sheet molding compound

2. Thermoforming Case Studies

  • Flap Rib rubber pad forming
  • Wrinkle prediction
  • Wing box Thermoforming

3. ARRK Case Study

  • Reduction of weight by replacing Aluminium components with composite for gearbox housing

4. SMC Development

  • What's new in Sheet molding compound ?
  • What ESI has to offer in SMC

Join us as we discuss the Virtual manufacturing of Composites, a new aid for demanding future in Auto and Aero sectors and what ESI Software has to offer in order to reduce weight and time to get it right for the very first time during manufacturing process.

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Rakshith B.H

Specialist - Composites Solution