Semiconductor Manufacturing: Optimizing Chamber Design and Process Perimeters with the Modeling of Complex Multi-Gas Plasma.

10 March 2021
United States
2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
45 Minutes
Simulations of industrial low temperature plasmas are often challenging due to the use of complex plasma chemistry, especially in the presence of multiple gases in the feedstock mixture. This webinar will showcase examples of 2D/3D Inductively Coupled and Capacitively Coupled plasma simulations in such gas mixtures.




  • How to build plasma reactions for real gas mixtures
  • See usage of 0D model for mechanism reduction and process space exploration
  • Learn best practices in model set up for high simulation fidelity and faster convergence
  • Visualize source functions, reaction pathways, ion energy and angular distributions
  • How to quickly import plasma gas phase chemistry mechanisms in Chemkin format