20 May 2021
3pm CET / 9am ET
2.5 hours

ESI LIVE Heavy Machinery

Deliver Safe, Clean, Productive Machinery & Equipment

Join our LIVE Digital Event

  • Listen to focused discussions on deploying digital technologies to meet the highest quality requirements and lifetime performance for the toughest usage conditions
  • Gain insight from industry leaders on virtual prototyping solutions to achieve greater levels of industrial efficiency, quality and product performance
  • Watch a live demonstration on human-centric product and process validation to ensure worker safety & productivity ​​during product operation, assembly & service with advanced Virtual Reality

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ESI Welcome & Industry Introduction

Keynote Presentations

  •  A PLM Digital Backbone - Providing an Integrated Digital Thread from Engineering to Production Planning with Lean Virtual Validation.

Product lifecycle management is the foundation for the digital thread, delivering supply chain agility and business continuity.

The digital thread begins in the engineering department. This is where mechanical/electronic components and embedded software data is linked with traceability to requirements, simulations, certifications, BOMs, process plans, and MBSE. This information, along with its derivatives, needs to be leveraged bi-directionally, across teams and systems; including service, manufacturing, IT, and quality, among others.

Learn from this presentation how data governance and traceability provided by product lifecycle management enables organizations to drive down costs, accelerates time to market, and delivers the highest levels of quality and compliance.

Jonas Ljungsten

Product Management Director, PTC Sweden AB

  • What comes first in heavy machinery: Electrification, autonomy, or the black swan?

The twin transition, the change towards digital and green at the same time, meets heavy machinery industry in various ways. It can all be summarized with some heavy “words”: Electrification, carbon neutrality, autonomy, cyber security, and possibly black swan as well.  Electrification is a MUST and it certainly comes because of the climate issues and carbon neutrality targets. After this MUST, there are the real digital business opportunities such as business boosting autonomy and controllability demanding cyber security. Industrial data sharing practices and tools are under serious and strong development at the moment, not only inside and between companies, but also on standardization and regulatory levels.

In addition, there might be attitudes and opinions in the forthcoming generations and especially after shock type of events, which may significantly increase or reduce the need for certain machines and this what we call the “black swan”. For example: If remote delivery of packages is primarily operated by drones, it may reduce the need for earth-operated heavy machines, but it may blow up the volumes of transported goods. Forecasting the volumes and impact direction of black swans remains really challenging.


Customer Interview


LIVE VR Demo: Human-Centric Product & Process Validation

Dr. Harri Kulmala


Safe & Productive Human-Centric Operations

Break the silos between design, manufacturing, and maintenance. Decrease lead times to meet the start of production, at controlled quality and cost. See how to validate product integration early in a human-centric way. Understand with confidence, that by integrating human interactions thought the product development lifecycle, is the way forward to predict and mitigate risk to assure delivery of Safe, Reliable, and Sustainable machinery.

Join our Human-Centric VR Demo and better understand
how to:

  • Anticipate and optimize human interactions, to protect worker safety and increase productivity while ramping-up production
  • Develop human-centric maintenance processes early on to secure, speed up and decrease the cost of maintenance
  • Identify Product Integration and Packaging issues through application of Immersive Reviews

Who should attend?

All those, who wish to gain insight on how to deliver safer, cleaner, and more productive machinery.  And who seek to leverage discussions on key technologies to face not only challenges related to product design, but also product manufacturing, product assembly, and even product operations.

  • VP Manufacturing Engineering (Assembly) / Team
    • Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
    • Worker Ergonomics
    • Tooling Engineering
  • VP Product/Service Engineering , VP Service Operations
  • PLM Directors
  • Methods and Process Directors, Reliability Engineering Directors
  • EV Initiative Program Managers, Business Portfolio Directors
  • Design Validation Directors

Our hosts:

Peter Larsson

Industry Channel Director Heavy Machinery, ESI Group

Eric Kam

Manufacturing Business Channel Marketing and Alliances Director

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