13 October 2021 - 14 October 2021
Germany, Bonn
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Oct, 14th, 2.15pm
Egon Wiedekind
event.germany [at] esi-group.com

The world of powertrain is currently navigating the tensions between increasing CO2 emissions in vehicle fleets, an explosive increase in drivetrain variants, cost pressure and regulatory interventions by governments. Many questions are still open and issues unresolved. That’s why companies are pursuing a variety of drivetrain strategies that will lead to a comprehensive electrification of the drivetrain, as this is the best way to be prepared for the future.



ESI will present its joint project and work with ZF during this year's DRITEV conference.

ESI Expert Simon Dussinger will talk about "Simulation of induced axial forces on planetary wheel bearings at example of ZF'S 8-speed automatic transmission" at 2.15 pm on October 14th in the Session Construction and Design of Components.


Simon Dussinger

Team Leader CAE Application Engineer Virtual Performance Solution, ESI