Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences


ESI partnership with Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences – Wels Campus, Austria.


ESI signed a scientific and academic agreement with Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences – Wels campus and the company Steinbatz Engineering in Austria to gain significant competitive advantage in mechanism simulation, while offering strong technical experience in cutting-edge technology and solutions.

This expert collaboration aims to improve the simulation of vehicle engine performance using PAM-MEDYSA, an application which evaluates the motion and dynamics of mechanical systems for product real life performance. Indeed, the cooperation focuses on the enhancement of modeling tools with a special emphasis on moving machine parts thanks to the elastichydro- dynamic (EHD) model. The efficient EHD model can then be integrated into PAM-MEDYSA, which will deliver a higher accuracy of results for mechanism simulation. Besides, this agreement includes a close working collaboration and student trainings from ESI engineers. Taking advantage of the knowledge and technologies at their disposal, students gain hands-on experience in realistic simulation, which enriches their education and strengthens their technical skills.

"A few years ago we started a master program course named “Mechanical Engineering” with a special focus on virtual prototyping. With ESI Group’s collaboration, PAM-MEDYSA will be used as a standard tool in academic workshops for advanced simulation topics. It will help students explore the valuable application of numerical simulation techniques. It will also be used in R&D projects to extend our capabilities of complex system interaction analysis."

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Michael Steinbatz, Professor of Virtual & Rapid Prototyping at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in Wels.