Technische Universität Dresden

ESI Group partnership with the Technische Universität Dresden, one of the excellence university in Germany.

tu dresden

ESI Group and TUD signed a cooperation agreement to intensify their mutual cooperation in the field of simulation of lightweight structures with composite and hybrid materials.

The intent of ESI and TUD, with this agreement, is to continuously improve the consistent simulation methods used to design, verify and manufacture lightweight structures made of composite and hybrid materials in order to further motivate their utilization as construction materials.

"Both parties will profit from this cooperation. The faculty of mechanical engineering and thereby the whole “Technische Universität Dresden” expect from this partnership joint projects in the challenging field of numeric simulation. ESI Group wins very well educated and highly motivated specialists, who are quite familiar with the software from ESI Group through internships and diplomas.

Prof. Dr-Ing. Habil Volker Ulbricht, Professor of Nonlinear Solid Machanics at the Technische Universität Dresden.